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93rd Bombardment Group at Hardwick

Hardwick Airfield (Station 104)

Hardwick was one of the early heavy bomber airfields.

It was constructed between 1941-42 and was originally planned for use by the RAF.

The 310th Bombardment Group, which flew B-25 Mitchells, were the first to use the airfield from September to November 1942.

The B-24 crews of the 93rd Bombardment Group which followed made it their base for the rest of the war.

All sites are now private property and you will need permission before you visit. 

The library has information on some base contacts and with their permission can pass this onto you. The Library itself is unable to organise site visits.

The airfield lies just to the south of the village of Topcroft, which is about five miles east of the A140 and 12 miles south of Norwich.  

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