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389th Bombardment Group at Hethel

Remaining buildings

Lotus Cars bought the airfield site in 1964 and still own it today.

Little remains of the runways, perimeter track or handstands.

Lotus use the former hangars (now extensively modified) and other buildings on the old technical site for the manufacture of their cars.

Several new buildings have also been constructed on the site.

Very little remains of any buildings on the sites around Hethel Wood.

The only thing of real interest is a former gymnasium which became a chapel.

A crucifix painted by "Bud" Doyle, assistant to the RC chaplain, Father Beck, is located on the end wall of the chapel, behind where the altar formerly stood.

It was painted in early 1944 and remains in good condition.

The chapel has undergone extensive restoration, carried out by a group of volunteers with the full support of the landowner. It is now home to the 389th Memorial Exhibition (see the Museum chapter for more details).

The Hethel Chapel organ, used at services from 1943-45, has been returned to the chapel after standing for many years at Hethel church. It was made by W W Putnam.

The former Second Air Division Headquarters at Ketteringham Hall lies just to the north of the airfield.

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