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392nd Bombardment Group at Wendling

Remaining buildings

Most of the runways, perimeter track and remnants of some of the parking revetments remain.

However, no wartime buildings are now in existence on the airfield site itself.

Bernard Matthews Limited, the present owners, have built several large turkey sheds on parts of the former runways.

Part of the original HQ block can be seen further along the road from the memorial (see the following chapter), inside a structure that houses the Ben Burgess Agricultural Engineering Company.

The original Norden Bombsight Maintenance Store is also located on this site.

On the dispersed sites towards Beeston a few of the Quonset huts and other structures can be found.

The former combat officers' mess (now a car spares store) is of particular interest. It contains parts of a large mural which are still visible on one of the internal walls.

Other murals feature Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth.

Honeypot Wood

The woodland known as Honeypot Wood was cleared during the Second World War and concrete tracks and buildings installed.

It was mainly used as a bomb dump during this time.

Honeypot Wood was purchased by the Norfolk Naturalists Trust (now Norfolk Wildlife Trust) in 1987.

Today the concrete tracks are kept clear to provide easy access for wheelchair users and others.

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