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453rd Bombardment Group at Old Buckenham

Remaining buildings

The control tower, hangars and buildings on the technical site have long since gone.

Portions of the perimeter track are still in existence, although reduced in width. There are remnants of a few of the hardstands.

Light aircraft flying from Touchdown Aero Centre use one of the runways: the rest have been broken up for hardcore.

A few of the Nissen huts on some of the dispersed sites still remain in reasonable condition.

The Norden bomb sight store and the administration building are still standing on what was the administration site, located to the south of Bunn's Bank industrial estate.

The status board is still visible on the wall of the administration building.

The industrial estate is located on the “Command Area”/WRAF site.

Many of the original buildings are still standing, but converted to industrial use.

These include the gymnasium, squash court, back-up power station, meat store and various Nissen huts.