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492nd Bombardment Group at North Pickenham

Remaining buildings

Some Nissen huts, which were used as ordnance buildings, remain on the airfield site.

Four are in the south-eastern area, one in the north-east area and one in the north-west area.

There are two similar huts, which were fusing point buildings, at the incendiary bomb store area further north. 

There were 13 dispersed sites in and around North Pickenham Airfield.

The operations block remains on the administration site, although the briefing room has been demolished.

The Norden bomb site store still remains but is in poor condition.

On the other dispersed sites only some of the Stanton air raid shelters, blast shelters and M&E plinths remain.

Part of the airfield was opened on 27 July 1957 as a Thor IRBM missile launch complex, containing three missiles. The station closed on 10 July 1963.

The pads for these missiles have been removed, but the long range theodolite target pillar and the power conversion building still remain.

They are now within the Anglia Karting circuit.

The Thor site’s squadron leader was accommodated in a temporary prefabricated building close to the Second World War operations block.

This is now used by an agricultural repair business.