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448th Bombardment Group at Seething


The 448th Bombardment Group was stationed at Seething in Norfolk, England, from December 1943 to July 1945.

It was organised on 6 April 1943 and activated on 1 May 1943 at Gowen Field, near Boise, Idaho.

It was to fly B-24 Liberators as part of the Allied bombing campaign against the Axis countries.

The air crews' initial training took place in Florida. This then moved to Wendover Field, Utah, where the entire group was assembled.

Both air and ground crews completed their training together at Sioux City, Iowa, before separating for the transfer overseas.

The ground crews arrived in Seething by early December 1943, while the air crews arrived via the southern ferry route by 22 December 1943.

This was also the first day of missions, with Gacabruck, Germany as their first target.

From that day through to 25 April 1945, the 448th flew 262 missions.

It lost 101 aircraft in action during 6,774 sorties.

The 448th was redeployed to the United States in the late June and early July of 1945.

The ground crews sailed on the Queen Mary, while the air crews flew their planes back.

The 448th was officially deactivated on 4 August 1946, although the 715 Bomb Squadron continued as part of the 509th Bomb Group, serving until 1965.

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