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467th Bombardment Group at Rackheath


A memorial to the 467th Bomb Group, consisting of a plaque and a bench, was dedicated in 1983.

You'll find it by the village sign (featuring a B-24) on the Salhouse Road.

It's next to Holy Trinity Church, where the Coffey Crew Gates are located.

The original gates were given to the village by the Coffey Crew in 1986, in thanks for wartime friendship.

These gates were later damaged by a lorry, so new ones were dedicated by the Bishop of Thetford in January 2008 with three members of the Coffey family present.

Inside the church there's a special room dedicated to the 467th which contains group memorabilia.

A new memorial to the 467th Bomb Group was dedicated in July 1990 during a Second Air Division reunion.

It's at Rackheath Industrial Park on Wendover Road and is pictured below.

Also in the Wendover Road area is a plaque in memory of Private Dan Miney.

He was killed on the night of 22 April 1944 when a German ME-410 aircraft bombed the base.

The plaque was originally fixed on the building in which Private Miney worked and was dedicated on 22 April 1996.

In 2002 the property was demolished and a new building put up on the same site.

The memorial plaque has been repositioned and can be seen on the north wall of the new building. It's just past the hangar, travelling west, on the opposite side of Wendover Road.

There are also two memorials further afield which commemorate 467th Bomb Group crews.

The first is a plaque in Kirby Bedon church. This is about five miles from Norwich, just to the north of the A146 Beccles Road.

The plaque is in memory of four crew members of Broad and High, a 788th Bomb Squadron Liberator, who were killed in a crash near the church on 18 August 1944.

The second is a memorial in the village of Barsham (near Beccles) in honour of the seven 467th crewmen who were killed in a crash there on 22 April 1944.

The memorial to the 467th Bomb Group on Wendover Road in Rackheath Industrial Park.